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Yipee, Yipee, Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm home!!!!!!!!  My mom  is having a hard time because she keeps coming over to me to say "I love you".  She says her wet face is from happy tears...I know what she means.  Well, I wish you Happy New Year.  If you click above you can join me in my homecoming.                                  Blaze


(This is my story,   I'm visiting a friend right now so I will have to send this to my mom to put on her web site.  I am not allowed to go back home until Christmas 1999.   It makes me sad but it's not bad here.  I just miss my mom but I am safe and I like my friends.    Besides they have an African Grey Parrot also and a naughty green Amazon  bird so it's really kinda fun here.  My mom had a bone marrow transplant for Breast cancer so that is why I can't be home right now.  I'm learning many new words and how to yell in Amazonian...I think my mom should be very proud of me for learning that new language.  Anyway, I'll tell you a little bit about my life at home and when my mom gets this she will put it on the web page so you can learn a bit about me)


I am Blaze, a Congo African Grey Parrot.   I was hatched January 1,1995.  Just think...I'll be 5 years old pretty soon.   Hmm I wonder if that Y2k thing will affect me.  Maybe I better get prepared by making sure my mom has plenty of food in the house already so if anything goes wrong with the computers at the banks or grocery  stores  I will still be able to have all my good food.  Besides, since January 1 is my birthday I want to be able to fun without LOTS of bird bread, and nutriberries, and almonds  and mmm yeah that good corn, peas, carrots and broccoli.  Oh,  goodness, when I think about all that food it makes me want my birthday right now...hey mom...hey mom...hey mom...hey mom...I wonder why she won't answer me?  Guess I'll  have to get off my perch and go check on her...maybe she is ignoring me and I can sneak in and have fun some where.


What did you say? I'm so content on Mom


As you can see, my favorite place is sitting on my mom.  


I'm a beautiful fid aren't regal...just like a queen on her throne.   I take a shower everyday.  I love to preen and get my red and grey feathers all in order again.  The powder in my feathers is just perfect  and covers me just right.  My mom can tell that I am nice and healthy usually by noticing that the powder covers even my beak so nice.  She makes sure that when I go to the bathroom that it doesn't look real watery or she takes me to the vet every time something changes the least little bit.  Well, I guess that is good.   I just don't like to go to the vet.  I'm a good pretender when it comes to showing sickness so she has to watch me real close.    I'm just glad I don't get  sick much at all.  But, then, my mom cleans my cage every day and cooks fresh foods every day too.   Sometimes she even says that she cooks and cleans more for the birds than she did when her human children were little.  Now isn't that nice!?  I just love my mom! 


Blaze on favorite "Perch"


I talk, but only when I choose to do so.  I don't like it when anyone listens to me practice.  However, I do a great dog imitation and love for everyone to hear that.  It's fun though when I am in the room by myself because then I practice all my sentences.  I love to say "tickle time"(isn't that a fun sound!),  "Litany don't"( I practice that so when I bark my mom thinks it's Litany and fusses at her...what fun.),  "ouch that hurts" (so when I bite my mom she knows that it hurts).  Oh, yeah, my favorite "I love you"(that always gets a scratch from my mom and she lets me sit on her shoulder when I'm especially sweet to say that ).  I say lot's of other stuff since I've been talking since I was about 1 year old.  We greys start talking later than many other know the saying" if God wanted you to jabber so much he would have given you two mouths instead of two ears".  We like to listen   and quietly practice by ourselves before we go public.  It's the proper thing to do you know.  There are some greys that are young jabber boxes but most of think that since we are known to be so good at talking  why rush the process...besides we have 50 or more years to converse!  


(Well, I'll write some more after I get back home. Boy, I hope mom doesn't forget what I look like...maybe I need to go pull out some feathers and send them to her so she will remember me...)                   


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