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  at Home


I'm home, I'm I'm home. Hurry up let me out of this truck!
I want to see my mom...hurry hurry.  Oh dear, I can see her crying...don't cry momma...don't cry...I'm home now.  I  never, never
want to go away again.  Mom, why do you say you are crying happy
tears?  Aren't all tears sad ones?  I will put my wings around you and
you will be safe again.  Momma, I love you.  When you were explaining to me, that I had to go stay with your friends, that if the Dr. said that it was ok some day that we would see each other again I understood momma.  I knew I could not forget you...this is my home and I love you.  When you were telling me that I looked really hard into your eyes to tell you that I would always be waiting to come home.  I wasn't talking outloud but my mind and heart were talking. Yipeeeeeeeeee! I want to tell the whole world...                                 I am HOME!!!
We see each other again for the first time after many months,
Here we are seeing each other again for the first time.  Momma I am a very smart bird so my memory is very long.  Just like a child would not forget it's mother I would not have forgotten you. Oh, momma, I
missed you so much.  Why didn't you get me sooner?  Oh, momma did that marrow bone plant hurt...I mean bone marrow transplant?  I would have kissed it and made it well for you.  I would even have cleaned up the mess when you threw-up your food just like you clean up after me all the time.  I didn't want to go away momma.  I  did like it there at your friends house though because they had  another African Grey and an Amazon to talk to. I will show you all the stuff I learned from that   Dolly bird (the Amazon). She called her human pet  "Mel".  That was so silly because his name is not Mell but she nicknamed him that.  And that Hobo (TAG) taught me some really neat whistles that no one else likes but they sure are fun to whistle them reeeealy loud.  Here, you want me to show you?  I even got lots of junk food that you tell me I can't have here.  It was good so I sure hope you change your mind and let me have some of that now that I am home.   Momma, I missed you and you weren't there.  Why did you leave me so long?   Well, I hope you are getting well now so I don't ever have to leave again.   Will you cuddle me up close  please because I missed that so much too.   
I love to hear my mom's voice


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Mom, I see your eyebrows and eye
lashes have grown back but may I ask
you one question?  Is that your real hair?
It's not?!  Well, I bet your hair will grow
back soon.  I like you even without
hair or even that stuff you have on your
head now.
What are you doing back there with
that black thing in your hand?  I'm
right here on my mom...she said she still
gets tired so I am going to keep her
company so I hope that black think you
have in your hand won't make me get
off here 'cause I'M STAYING!
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       My faorite perch is still my mom.          Even my mom's sweater feels like home.

Come on everyone let's know one thing I learned these months? 
I learned that time is short and we must do with it that which is important.  We
can never get the time back once it is spent.  It is always spent for it can not
be saved to use later.  All you greys (and other fids) out there go hug your mom
and your dad and the rest of your may be your last hug so enjoy it!

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