Dedicated To Summer Angeline

Summer was a precious angel to me. She had reminded me that during all the horror,  sorrow and unbelievable fear and sadness that the Son would bring hope and joy and quietness.  Summer's middle  name was given after her death because with that name there will forever be a reminder that hope returned in the summer.  Angeline is a beautiful the angels in heaven.   Thank you to Rachael's sister, Angeline for allowing me to use her beautiful name for Summer's middle name.
Thankyou again Rachael for allowing Frances to represent my precious Moluccan Cockatoo who died the week I had my bone marrow transplant.  Only a few  friends knew of Summer's death.  It was too hard to talk about and was such a hard time that I thought I could bring into my life a new Moluccan and name her Summer as well.    However, the closer it gets to bringing her/him  home  I realized I must name her/him a new name to remind me of the newness of life.  Instead I decided to give my Summer the middle name of Angeline so that she would  carry the full name she deserves and dedicate this web site to her memory.  Although her life ended she brought great joy to me during her short life reminding me that my life goes on with the Son who made Summer Angeline and who gave me life in His Life. 
I wrote the following poem because of knowing sweet Summer angel in feathered angel........  .My Friend.


My Friend

My friend gives understanding and empathy.

My friend gives unconditional love and receives my love without reserve.

My friend feels my heart when it bleeds from pain.

My friend sits with me holding me in the depth of our spirits.

My friend shares with me in seeing a sunset and together our eyes see glory.

My friend laughs in the rain with me and our hearts skip with joy as we know new hope.

My friend sits with me in the quiet darkness and we feel comfort and we feel contentment.

My friend and I look forward to seeing each other and the excitement is beyond description.

My friend waddled into my heart and now walks around so gently. My friend leans forward, snuggles and listens to each unuttered sound. There my friend leaves little bird marks that no one and nothing else has the ability to do. We share trust, my friend and I, that bonds our lives together.

They are called birds or parrots by some.

We, however, know the truth.

Yes, this is a bird and yes, this is a parrot but oh so much more...

This is my Friend!



Companions that play together stay together...


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