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This page is dedicated to all those precious birds who have been rescued from a life that would lead to death into a life of love and compassion.  It is a page to say thank-you to all those people who so lovingly sought to bring light and joy to a little feathered body. 



I Wish Upon A Star

I stood on my perch and I looked out through the bars.
My heart felt the cold yet my eyes could still see the stars.

I stood on my perch and looked out through the bars
My heart could hear the crying yet my eyes could see the stars.

My mind wonders... what did I do?
Were my feathers not pretty enough for you?

My mind wonders... what did I say?
Were my joyful chirps heard as noise today?

I stood on my perch and I looked out through the bars
My heart felt the dark yet my eyes could still see the stars.

I turn around and wonder about my mouth, this black beak, could it make you not want me to stay?
My eyes fill with sorrow yet I want to still see the stars.

I look at you and wish I could make you know that my family once lived under those stars I see.
If only I could help you understand that such a short time ago all of them were flying free.

They sat on a perch much like me
and they too could see the stars.
Those trees which made their only bars.

They whistled and talked as they swayed in the breeze
Their happy chatter filling the trees.

They flapped their wings in sheer delight.
They didn't worry about trying to make you feel just right.

Now you have brought me into a box you call a home.
You set me on my perch and always leave me alone.

My heart leaps with excitement I can hear you come this way!
You reach your hand out and I take it with gladness but you scream and you tell me I am bad, not to be trusted, I am mean you say.

I sit on my perch but now you don't even come near anymore
You say you can not love me and you want to take me back to the cold store.

They say dreams are made in the stars but now they seem so far away.
I stand all alone on my perch but maybe someone else will want me ...maybe today.

by Jacqueline Berry



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                                            The Rescue of Peanut

" Wednesday I took off of work all day, because I was not feeling very well,
when one of my friends called me at home and was telling me about a
woman she knew that had a red front macaw, that only lived a couple of
miles away from me, well it surprised me,
because I actually felt like no one
in my town owned any birds whatsoever, except another woman that
raised Quakers and Nanday conures, well that's another story, I thought I

would ride down to the woman's house since I was at home and see her
macaw and also to let her know that I also owned a b/g. She was a real
nice lady she let me in and I was playing with her bird she had named
Crackers. Well after being there for about an hour, I kept hearing this
noise, it sort of sounded like a ferby if anyone has heard of the ferbys you
kind of know what they sound like my daughter has 2 of them so I knew
what they sounded like, or sort of like one of them gizmo's like in that
gizmo movie. I kept hearing it for about 30 minutes, well finally I asked
the lady what was that noise. She kindly informed me it was nothing, I
finally persisted to find out what that noise was and she finally told me
that she had a 5 month old yellow crown amazon, and I said really where
is it, she kept telling me I did not want to see it, it was real mean. So I
begged her to let me see it, so she finally went to get it, you all will not
believe what it was in, my heart went down to my stomach, I thought
that I was going to throw up, it was in some kind of little crate, you know
one of those wood crates that you have, it was dirty, it's feathers were all
matted up together where it looked like it had been rolling around in it's
poop, it stunk so bad it took my breath away, I could not believe it, I asked
her why it was in that condition, and she said no body could do anything with it, because it would always bite them, I said what are you going to do
with it, she said that she thought about selling it but, she did not think
anyone would buy it because it was so mean.  I asked her how much do you
want for it, she told me $500, 1 went home and just cried, because I knew that
I could not get it.  I did not have the money for it, what with Christmas
coming and getting Pebbles and a cage for her.  I could not get her.  I did
not sleep at all Wednesday night and when I did I had nightmares. I finally
got up and told my husband I was going to get that bird, I could not stand
to think about it being locked up like that.  I knew that if I did not get it
the baby would die. I could not live with myself if I let that happen, so I
took the money that I had been saving up for Pebbles and went to the
lady's house and bought the bird. I went to the closest pet store and bought
a big cage for her for $700. 1 took the baby home and give her a bath  and
cleaned her up and everything.  Oh she was so pretty.  She can already say a
few words I was really surprised.  I took her to the vet yesterday.  She does
have a bacteria infection and one foot was fused together.  The
vet did surgery on it and got her foot apart.  She is
way underweight
and the vet wants me to hand feed her for a while so she can get her
weight back up.  I just hope that she makes it because she is a little baby doll.
I will not be able to get Pebbles now, I am real sad about that, but I knew
that I could not let this bird die.  I know that Pebbles will be able to get a
good home somewhere.  Maybe I am real stupid to do this, but I felt like I did not have no choice to do it. I do not think that I could have lived with myself if I did not do it.

I think I will name it Peanut, because it is so little. "


The Meaning of Rescue

Now that I'm home, bathed, settled and fed,
All nicely tucked in my warm new bed.
I'd like to open my baggage
Lest I forget,
There is so much to carry -
So much to regret.
Hmm...Yes there it is, right on the top
Let's unpack Loneliness, Heartache and Loss,
And there by my perch hides Fear and Shame.
As I look on these things I tried so hard to leave -
I still have to unpack my baggage called Pain.
I loved them, the others, the ones who left me,
But I wasn't good enough - for they didn't want me.
Will you add to my baggage?
Will you help me unpack?
Or will you just look at my things -
And take me right back?
Do you have the time to help me unpack?
To put away my baggage,
To never repack?
I pray that you do - I'm so tired you see,
But I do come with baggage -
Will you still want me?

-Author Unknown


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