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Feathered Kids & More
The choices we make of how to use our time today determine our opportunity for choices tomorrow.


Blaze says "I love you" in order to sit on my shoulder.  It took her awhile to get used to synthetic hair for it  just did not preen like the real thing. wpe3.jpg (9704 bytes) Rachael Tait's  Frances, Moluccan Cockatoo.
wpe3.jpg (9339 bytes) My children's grandmother is 93.  Her choices made it possible for my son's son to be born. wpe3.jpg (7626 bytes)
wpe3.jpg (5472 bytes)
Daisy BGmacaw1.jpg (2797 bytes) Running on Fence
Let's just talk about it, ok? "Daisy", 6 yr. old Umbrella Cockatoo, photograph by Cheryn Roff Blue and Gold Macaw Running on this fence is the best thing in the world!
Umbrella Cockatoo Beautiful Curls Major Mithcell Cockatoo
Umbrella Cockatoo Aren't  those beautiful curls on my second grandchild!  Major Mitchell Cockatoo
My third grandchild's pictures were taken this summer the day before I entered the hospital for the  bone marrow transplant.  It was her first birthday party.
I might like this Birthday thing Birthday Good! Mmmmm Very Good
Tommy, Bare-eyed cockatoo,  loves to wait for anyone that might play.  Photograph  by Sheri Thompson. Tommy wants to play She soon got the hang of how much fun it is to have her own cake.
Frances being coy Maybe I'll get new teeth for Christmas
   Frances is so coy. My first grandchild  is hoping  to get his front teeth for Christmas this year.
Rose Breasted Cockatoos Copy_of_Oh_you_beautiful.jpg (33830 bytes) Green Wing Macw
These two Galah cockatoos remind me of my Rosebud.  I had her for almost a year.  Her feathers felt like silk even after her first molt. And, oh, what a wonderful odor she had.   She would go willingly to anyone.  She loved to dance.  His favorite thing  to do was to talk louder than anyone else that was talking.  Copy of wpeD2A3.TMP.jpg (9141 bytes)
My nephew's daughter enjoys a teaparty. Photo taken while visiting Gulf Coast. The newest addition to the family is six weeks old.
Copy of wpeD2A8.TMP.jpg (9396 bytes) Indoor flowers on Gulf Coast
Mykesha Lets Dance Millie
Mykesha, Umbrella cockatoo loves to sit on her dad's shoulder. photographed by Chelsea Heckart, Does anyone want to dance? Millie, the 3 year old Moluccan cockatoo seems to enjoy looking around to see what all she   might be able to investigate.  Her photograph was taken by her human mom,  Cyndie Hunt.    
Shower anyone? Are you ready? This is fun!
It's so hot today.  It would feel so good to use this hose to take a shower. Are you ready? I'm ready... This is fun!!!
Happy Hyacinth
This gorgeous Hyacinth Macaw seems to enjoy smiling all the time.

Optimum amount of food, light, sleep, and of course loving attention will give health and beauty of feathers to our companion birds.


" Even if you and you family are on the right track if you sit down you will be runover"Unknown


If anyone who visits this site has pictures of family and or pets that would be willing to have them placed here on this page please send them to me by email. Please include a short description with each.


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