More Than Flag Day!

Some may think that Flag Day comes but once a year.

We celebrate independence on that day with sparklers and flair.

However Flag Day is here each and every day bringing me cheer.

Not with the noise of bombs bursting in air but with song of peeps and the calls of


Not with the wrapping of paper   nor of glue but with the down and soft,

sweet smelling powder of feathers.

I know that Flag Day for a nation is truly a special inspiration.

   However,I smile in gratitude for I know that in my Flag Day I do not have want for more excitement or sensation.

I am content with my little bundle  for I know that in this Flag Day the fid I want for nothing better!



Photo's taken by Gary and Rox McCormick


Flag Day
Yep, that is me! I'm 4 1/2 months old.  It is Oct. 1999

My Mom says I'm a spoiled brat but I think I am just Number One!

Copy of Flag Day Fid 1.jpg (13504 bytes) Copy of Flag Day Fid 2.jpg (9058 bytes)
Where did you say I put that toy? Here, I'll turn my head so you

can see my pretty crest.


Mickey (Flag Day's friend)
Copy of Mickey 2.jpg (12339 bytes) Copy of Mickey 4.jpg (9450 bytes)
Let me see where is Flag Day? Come on Flag Day quit hiding!


Sunshine(Flag Day's mom)
Copy of Sunshine.jpg (12379 bytes)
I just LOVE Flag Day!


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