The Grey Woodpecker

Kiweee. Kiweee. Kiweee.

Don't you just love the sound of the wordKiweee?
Isnt that the greatest name for me?!

Oh, and let me tell you, I love to play on my Boingy swing. If you look at my picture you can see.
It is just the right place for me to be.

There I flap and sing and laugh for all.
Life is just so great...I have a ball.

I know that my mom loves me because she gives to me many good things to eat.
It's more than just food it is really a treat.

The cup from which she first gave me this food I have found to be the thing I like the best.
I wait for the attention I receive when my mom and dad are awaken from their sound, nightly rest.

On this cup I use my black little beak to tap a happy tune. Tap,tap,tap. Such fun to be a woodpecker grey Now would't you agree to say?

This little friend, my cup, now is hung with pride in my wonderful home.
I often put my head inside and wear it while sitting on my throne.

It sits on my head and makes such a cute little hat.
I do think everyone should be oh so proud of me for that!

They who come into my room think that I am the most beautiful, intelligent and fun loving bird.
I am glad that you came to my house to see the fun so now go and inite everyone you know to try this cup...go now... be good and spread the word.

I think I will do it again. Tap, tap, tap, ...yes, isnt this the greatest? Yep,tap, tap, tap,tap wheeee. Kiweeeeeeeeeee!!!



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Photograph taken by Jeannie, Kiweee's mom.



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