6 year old Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo









The Sunshine Ray                   
You came into my life and upon your head was a tiny ray of sunshine.

So unexpected you came bringing your white powdery down floating in the air so fine
Here you sit a little puff looking like you  might blow with the wind far away..
But you sit and you fluff  and you gently raise one little talon just content to stay.
You  remind me how our days come with uexpected newness in life.
I  am once again reminded that death draws us near for that last final strife
But, death will have no sting for Life is brought by the shine of the Son.
One ray of hope brings glorious light surounding the object that has been won.
Kona, a mountain, a star but much more...you are the reminder that days turn into years.
You are the majesty of the mountain that can be moved by the whisper of the Word that
will calm all fears
You are the brightness of the star that can illuminate total blackness with one thin glow
You are the calmness that brings quietness of rest in the breast of the snow.
You spread your wings and glide to the earth reminding me that  there is  time to say goodbye.
There is time to laugh, time to cry, time to  live and even  time to die.
I look at your little white head and know you have  given to me a little sunshine ray.
You shall be a  reminder of the protection of the Sonshine Ray that lights my   way.
by Jacqueline


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Aren't I so pretty!

What did you say?

Excuse me I need to preen
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This cage is so neat.

This is my favorite spot.

What is that over there?


































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