Lady Lancelot

Sir Lancelot was a mighty Knight many years ago.

He earned his great name in battle.

He never seeming to tire of his persut of knowledge nor of protecting his mate.

But then the world had not known Lady Lancelot. 

Beauty that I think to nothing she can compare.

Her gentle disposition would have caused the fearless Sir Lancelot to shiver with delight .

If he lived today his heart would melt at the mere thought that with her he might rate.

In the past Ladies and Queens have sat prim upon their thrones never sheading any tears

Their Kings and Knights

showered them with gifts and defended their honor in sword fights.

Now here is a little feathered Lady who lays upon her perch rulling the territory not with daring.

Me Lady doth stroll  along her way with loving softness and warmth of caring.

This lady lives among other feathered fids filling her human companions with joy in these years.

My Lady over all the years could ner be forgot.

Who is this little precious one?

She is none other than the fairest whom my heart has won.

She is

Lady Lancelot!





Lady Lancelot 3 years of age Lady lancelot
E leanora Cockatoo. Photo by Jill Bernards In her Christmas attire.
Copy of ladylance2.jpg (9876 bytes) chrlance1.jpg (16235 bytes)
The Fairest Lady Lancelot is resting(again) Lady lancelot wishes all a Merry Christmas
upon her throne


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