My name is Litany Joy.  It means hymn of praise.  I am a Maltese dog. I was whelped  February 4, 1987 and have lived  in the same home since I was six weeks old.  We are known to be very gentle dogs. Everyone says that I am a gentle dog.  We stay very small weighing about 7 lbs. as an adult.   I have fine silky hair...well, I did have fine silky hair.  When my mom got cancer all of us fids, yes, that is right, I think of my self as a fid too because I am so furry, had to go live somewhere else because the Dr. thinks we had too many germs.  I did not agree because my mom keeps all of us very clean.  However, we did what the Dr. said since mom was so sick.  Anyway, now I have very, very short cotton-like fur because my human sister took me to the groomer and got it all cut off.  She thought it might cut down on the pollen I might bring back into her house after being outside.   It seemed to help with the allergies  her daughter has so it was worth it.  

The picture below is of me two months after my human sister had most of my beautiful silky hair cut off.  The next picture I am thinking about how much I miss the birds.  I thought I would really like it if I were the only one around here but I miss the fids too.  It surely will be nice when they are back home.

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Litany and Ball

         The most fun thing to do in all the world is to play ball.  I  love my tennis ball and get very sad when I can't find it.  Sometimes I won't even eat if it is nowhere to be found.  I carry my ball around by a piece of fuzz  all the time.   Everywhere I go my ball is usually right there too.  Sometimes people will throw the ball for me and that is great fun.  I am very fast and usually run faster than the ball even flies...well, I used to run that fast.  I am slower now that I have gotten older...just a bit older mind you, and certainly not "over the hill".  It is great fun to have someone try to get the ball away from me as I growl and growl.  I never bite and never will bite anyone.  Even the youngest child can be trusted with me. 

          Even though I am a tiny little dog I'm a high maintenance dog.  The vet bills are quite high because I have lots of allergies (most Maltese's do also).   Also, my hair is so silky and fine that it must be groomed  at least two times every month or there will be so many knots in it that it hurts a whole lot to get them out.

          Everyone thinks that I am so pretty with that prissy looking pink bow in my hair.  I think I should be more tailored but my mom thinks I should look as dainty as possible.  I really do look beautiful right after my beauty appointment.   Every time I go to the groomer she puts a new bow in which means every two weeks I have to start all over rolling around under furniture trying to get the bow out.  It used to take me a whole week to get it out but now  it's down to two days and it's out.

          Like I said during our introduction I am the first one of us to get to come back home.  I have been back about three weeks now.  It feels so good to be in my own bed, eat at my own place and go to the bathroom in my own yard.

          It was fun at my human sister's house because of her daughter.  She is one year old and feeds me her cookies and drops food from her highchair down to me. Yep, I really enjoy being with her.  At least I can go over her house and visit sometime but I like being at my own house the best because I have the best mommy and fids in this whole wide world.


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