The artist...The Work of Art

There was an artist named Matisse who once walked upon the earth

He took a canvas pure and transforemed the plain white with small splashes of color making great it's worth.

He spent all his years

recording   the beauty of flowers as well as of his peers.

He left his gift that some say there is none to compare.

However, there is a little feathered one that was hatched  just a short time ago.

His gentle sweet nature causes many to say there is none other who is so fair.

He spreads his wings and raises his creast and with joy of voice he scares off all his would be foe.

Matisse, the work of art,  is his name

He honors the great artist of fame.




Copy of matisse-01nova010.jpg (14894 bytes) Copy of scooter.jpg (29814 bytes)
Matisse,Moluccan Cockatoo, Scooter, Blue & Gold Macaw
Copy of 29Aug-rio005.jpg (22625 bytes) Scooter and Rio are the siblings (not by blood of course) of Matisse.  Matisse is still taking formula and he loves to make artistic "paintings" in Ruth's hair. Photos taken by Ruth Klakky
Rio, Ruby Macaw (Hybred of Scarlet and Green Wing Macaw)


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