Beloved pet of Gary
and Roxanne McCormick


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Under The Flowering Plum Tree

Norton came into my life and gave great care.
She would nestle her body near my hair

Love shone in that precious beautiful face.
Her feathers whispered of gentleness and grace.

Norton, with quiet compassion, into my heart walked.
She leaned out to me to be stroked as she talked.

Then with joy in her voice she would my shoulder seek
Her little bird feet holding her body against my cheek.

Oh I miss the soft sweet smelling white fluff
Nestled down under my hair like a little powder puff.

Three years of sunshine like the brightest light
was like the shinning star always in my sight.

We buried her, while down our face tears flowed so free,
as we carefully laid her under the Flowering Plum Tree.

Delight had filled my life where now I feel so much sorrow.
Solace comes as I look up, wipe my tears, and watch her in her freedom  flight .... for all tomorrows.




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Copy of Norton.jpg (4932 bytes) Beautiful Norton enjoys
her cage playing with her
bell and climbing on her
ladder. She was oh so
gentle ...except...she
became a monster if you
ever tried to take her
Avi-cakes from her!


Thank you beloved Norton for bringing into our lives joy and love.  You started our journey into
the wonderful understanding of feathered companions. We will always miss and love you.