Feathered Houses
Since I am not an expert in the field of cages I can not recommend a particular cage but I can place on this page cages which I personally like and ones which I think are safe as far as I know.  If any of you have a cage that you recommend and would like to see it pictured here please send me the URL or the picture with your fid in it. Please tell a bit about the cage and how to contact the company.  To the best of your knowledge the cage needs to be free of zinc and lead.   Also, if ever there is a cage shown here and for any reason you have a doubt as to the quality and/or safety please contact me and I will quickly check  out the concern.  I appreciate your comments.


Blaze on stand near House Blaze loves her cage
Blaze lives in this lexan house,20x20x24. She stays on her stand outside of her cage or on a number of other stands in the house most of each day.  She has a larger, 24x24x36, lexan cage if I am going to be gone for more than a few hours.  


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Clearly Exotic Cage click here for URL


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