Feathered Fun  
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It is soooo much fun to play my own music while I sing! OK, everybird, one-two-three, exercise and get into shape!
Piano Fun Exercise is fun
Hanging is fun Sun in Swing
Oh, even my feathers look more beautiful after I exercise. Will sitting while swinging count as exercise?


  Frances Tait, photographed by   Rachael, laughes louder than her mom.  Mmmm this "ice-cream" tastes just like creamy mashed potatoes.
Laughing Frances Icecream or is it potatoes?
Azriel loves toys Morrie loves his bath
 "Azriel" loves her toys, photographed by her mom, Karma Christiansson. Morrie thinks this bath feels great.  Photographed by his mom Susan Mooney.


Bejue Frances with Tiger
Bejue enjoys watching for fun below.   Photograph by Scarlett Harden Frances and the mean tiger.   Photograph by Rachael Tait.


Flying Rose Breasted Cockatoo
Flying  is my most fun thing to do.


Can This Be Called Noise?


Is is true that my little fid can be considered to make noise?

How can that be? I know not what they mean!

I sit and remember her "noise". I think  her noise at times is quiet like snow falling in the winter.

I think her "noise" at other times is quiet like the the sound your heart makes when it sees the glory of a sunset.

I think her "noise" is quiet like the trickle of the drops of dew on a summer day.

I think her "noise" at other times is joyful like the wind blowing through the trees.

I think her "noise" is like the chorus of the choir of tree frogs singing after the rain.

I think her "noise" is at time loud with excitement like the lightening during a storm.

Her "noise" is like the clapping of thunder and the washing of the waves on the shore as it carries all through the house hitting the ears of the listener as it travels along it's way.

My fid then says ... "I love you". Now that is "noise" that brings all the tears.

All the "noise" is expression of happiness in living.

The "noise" is the song that says I,too, am included in her most precious life.

How grateful I am for "noise".



Pearl Kiweee
I must inspect all computer work! Pearl Copy of Kiweee4a.jpg (13450 bytes)
I must inspect all computer printing jobs. photo by Lee My Boingy rope is the greatest fun of all!
Photograph was taken by my mom, Jeannie
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FlagDay Squawk
FlagDayFid2.jpg (10994 bytes) Copy_of_GREYSQ1.jpg (7928 bytes)
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Copy of pepper4a1.jpg (9038 bytes) Copy of peanut1a.jpg (22645 bytes)
Pepper Peanut
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Lady Lancelot Tiki
Copy of ladylance1.jpg (11974 bytes) Copy_of_Tiki_the_timneh_african_grey_bathing_in_greens1.jpg (19416 bytes)
My favorite thing to do is lay down and rest but I want you to know I am NOT lazy!

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Oh this is such great fun!

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Copy of matisse-01nova010.jpg (14894 bytes)
Matisse, Moluccan Cockatoo, dearly loves life! Photo by  Ruth

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