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Don't I have just the sweetest face!? These little seeds sure taste good.
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We are two happy fids. Yes, happy happy fids. 
We have a mommy and a daddy. There is a brother and a sister too. 
We must not forget, there is an almost brother we stick to like glue.
They give us plenty of room to  fling our  toys with glea.
We live like we are kings we want you to see. 
They fill up our tummys for what more could we dream?
We love our home although we don't help keep it very clean.
They give us their love for they say we are their kids.
Yes, we are happy, indeed, we are happy, happy fids.


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Hello, and are are you doing? I wonder if I can get down there from.
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My feathers are just so pretty! Yep, I think I can do it!
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Do you want to hang out together? Ah!, My favorite perch.Such Comfort!
Photographs by Marsha K


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