Sometimes there is a Pearl beneath the sea.

Sometimes there is a Pearl on the sand sparkling in the sun.

Sometimes there is a Pearl on the neck of a special friend for all to admire.

Sometimes there is a tiny Pearl on the wrist of a new baby crying in the crib.

However, here IS a Pearl who is white and shimmering in the bright sunlight sitting on his perch.

He is Pearl

He is a Pearl that is more valuable than anything that comes from the sea.

Pearl has feathers with which to soar high and glide low in the wind.

Pearl lives contentedly and plays with trimmed wings with his companion he knows as Lee.

He invites you to view his photos and says

"Come Look at ME!"


More of Pearl's photos will be here to view soon...please come back later.


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Snugglebug Pearl  Snuggling is the best fun. See how big I can get!


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One-Two-Three here I come ready or not!


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