Feathered Memories

This page is dedicated to all our little feathered friends that now are taking their

Freedom Flights...Beyond the Rainbow


Over the Rainbow Bridge

Do not be afraid and do not worry for your Father knows when even the little sparrow falls. The Father in heaven cares even more for you. Mathew 6:33




Freedom Flight...Beyond the Rainbow


Beyond the Rainbow when life on earth ceases to be

There is a land Beyond the Rainbow that is free.

Each little friend, whether soft with down or a ball of feathered fluff,

came into our life bringing morning sun's ray.

Our little friend turned around that day and looked into our eyes

Bringing his life to us we were blessed because he came to stay.

Our human heart often knows so much pain that can not be expressed. We many times hold our needs inside and try to hide.

Our little friend can see what is hidden yet he remains there to abide.

He comes without a judgement, he loves and understands each of our triumphs and each of our defeats.

Our little friend walks toward us with a wiggle of the tail or the spread of the wing and deep needs he meets.

How do we say thank-you for the giving of loyality, compassion, dedication and caring?

Our little friend is gone and we are left behind wishing there could still be so much more sharing.

How do we say thank-you for loving us and for letting us love him without reservation?

How do we say thank-you for meeting the need so deep inside that often we do not even recognize that the need is there?

We are left with a hole that was filled by our little friend.

This hole does so terribly hurt and yet through the tears that are shed we look out over the Rainbow Bridge and there our little friend can be seen.

Our little friend now has a body that is clean and whole.

Our little friend can see the sparkling lake and shinning sun with now clear, knowing eyes.

There is now nothing to hinder our little friend.

He has wings that raise with the Freedom Wind as he rides high into the sky.

We look over the bridge into the face of our little friend. Look! He is smiling as he flies.

Although our life will never be the same we find joy in watching and knowing that all our little friend gave to us now is returned unto him.

He soars to touch the sun and the moon and the stars no longer to be dim.

He glides free touching the brilliant colors that glow

He is taking his Freedom Flight, over the bridge,

Beyond the Rainbow.



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