Peanut and  Pepper escort Bucky to the beginning of the Rainbow Bridge, fall of 1999, as the wings of feathered friends, who have gone on before, take him on his
   Freedom Flight... Over the Rainbow Bridge.
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Peanut You will never be forgotten  Pepper
Best Friend


A friend is one who brings into another's life the sunshine.

He brings the brightness with glad delight

It shines and glows like the moon in each night.

A friend is one who gives in silent hearing from a gentle heart.

A friend is one who does not run ahead or fall behind.

He is a champion, a protector, a defender, one who does not even allow fear to start.

There is also more than a friend. He is a best friend.

He is always with you even to the end.

And there was a

best friend.   He came as a small little ball of fluff.

He played and ran but never was too rough.

He waited each day at the bus for that is where he wanted to be.

With his long tail's big wag he would say "I am so glad you I get to see".

He stood where terror was and refused to move or sway.

He would not go another way.

The enemy came like a thief in the night

He was a stray ready to attack with all his might.

He tore the fur and gashed the skin.

No! Best Friend, no!

But he would not listen. He had to go.

For the love of his friend he must fight to the end.

His five short years had a great purpose for him to defend.

This best friend was one that knew no bounds of giving.

He gave his life so that his young master could be among the living.

Now there is so much sorrow and so many tears

Where there should have been companionship through many more years.

There is a big, deep emptiness and dark pain.

It seems as if nothing will ever be the same.

Yet, after drying the face and upon a closer look, there is the best friend, free and running over the rainbow bridge!

He stops and turns around for a moment in time.

With a shake of the great mound of fur on his head, his alert eyes and his happy bark say "be brave, remember my example and forever be kind."

The best friend gave the highest honor when that fateful day came.

He was a best Friend. Bucky was his name.



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