Good Morning world......Itn't this a fun day!!!
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Topaz is a beautiful 4 week old Blue & Gold Macaw.    This is his/her first picture.
There will be more to come as the days and weeks go by.  Can you believe the size of the feet!!!!
The background picture is of Topaz's parents.  You probably can't tell but the blue and gold colors are very very dark and bright.  Topaz should have the same very bright coloring


5weekoldtopaz1.jpg (47481 bytes) Look momma...I gots me some blue
toothpicks and a skinny beard.
Topaz at 5 weeks old


Waiting and ready for Topaz to come home
Simming Pool all ready. Bed is waiting
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Scale is ready to weigh Cuddle Bear to Snuggle


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